Automould Achievements

1984 Started operations in January
1985 Started supply to the Motor Industry (VWSA)
1986 Joined the Morganite Group
1988 Achieved ISO 9002 accreditation
1994 Built and moved into new Factory
1997 Exercised Management Buy Out
2000 Achieved VWSA “A” rating against VDA requirements
2001 Achieved TS 16949 accreditation
2004 Achieved ISO 14001
2005 Toyota Supplier of the Year
2006 Continued growth of approximately 30%
2007 Became a subsidiary of Smiths Plastics
2008 Toyota Supplier Award for Cost Management 2007 &    Performance in Delivery 2007
2009 Toyota Boshoku Outstanding Achievement in Quality & Quality Management 2008
2009 VWSA Interior Commodity Supplier of the Year 2008
2010 Toyota Supplier Award for Superior Performance in Delivery and Quality Management 2009
2010 BBBEE Level 5
2011 Toyota Supplier Award for Quality Management 2010
2011 VWSA BBBEE Supplier of the Year
ISO TS 16949  
ISO 14001
BBBEE Level 5

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