Automould Company Overview

Our origin:

Our history begins in January of 1984 when five individuals with entrepreneurial flair pooled their resources and set about starting a plastics business. As they each had substantial experience in different aspects of injection moulding, the name AUTOMOULD was chosen. Some factory space was leased in the Pinetown area and four injection moulding machines were purchased and installed. Shortly after, the first order came through and the machines were operating.

Our business philosophy then:

Our company’s founder members shared the same opinions about business approach and strategy. Together they could offer extensive experience in the field of high specialty plastics manufacture, where the quality standard policy is one of exactitude and non-compromise. As they ensured that good and regular communication took place with customers as well as between themselves, they went on canvassing for orders from Original Equipment Manufacturers in the Automotive, Electronics, Armaments and Domestic Appliance industry sectors.

How we developed:

1986 proved to be a very meaningful year in our developmental growth. In that year our company’s customer base increased substantially, and through a company acquisition move we became a member of MORGANITE S.A. (Pty) Ltd which, in turn is a subsidiary of MORGAN CRUCIBLE PLC, a giant international concern with its headquarters in the U.K. As we adopted Morganite S.A.’s logo, we also made it our goal to obtain the ISO 9002 certification. This was achieved in August of 1989 when AUTOMOULD became one of few South African plastics companies able, to this day, to boast this accreditation. In 1998 Automould focused on supplying the South African Motor Industry and in 2002 achieved its ISO TS 16949 Listing and in 2005 ISO 14001 listing. In 2007 Automould became a subsidiary of SMITHS PLASTICS and part of the METAIR group of Companies.

Where we are today:

We now own our factory which is situated in the upmarket extension of Westmead Industrial Park, Pinetown. The factory was purpose designed and built to optimise the efficiency levels of a plastic injection moulding operation. The initial surface area was 2 500 sq metres and allowed for a production staff complement of 80 per shift, but ample space was provided in the planning stages to accommodate expansion as and when required. Today the factory has expanded to 6800 sq metres.

Our credentials:

Our customers are companies varying in size from small and medium to very large and the technology levels needed to meet their different requirements vary as well. In terms of our customer relations policy, all our customers are treated with the same amount of dedication, irrespective of their size or location. We are proud to have become long-standing suppliers to a large variety of companies, including Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) such as Toyota SA, Volkswagen SA, Daimler Chrysler SA, Feltex Ltd, Defy Appliances, Johnson Controls, Faurecia, Takata Petri, Groupo Antolin and Toyota Boshuku to name a few. We would like to point out as well that we implement production systems in line with ISO TS 16949, a quality endorsement regarded as the ultimate accolade for manufacturing excellence.

Our business philosophy now:

Our successful growth has proved to us that the business approach that we had when we started AUTOMOULD was the right one, and we certainly wish to keep it this way. Our intention is to keep on specialising in the field of injection moulding and our strategy is to ensure that good and regular communication takes place with our customers as well as between ourselves, whilst we continue to service select areas of industry with their specialty plastics requirements. Also, we will ensure to keep abreast of changing market trends and to continue investing in the latest technology as we purchase additional equipment to keep pace with our expanding customer base.

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