Manufacturing Process

Each distinctive aspect of our operation is handled in compliance with recognised international standards as set out by ISO TS16949. A detailed description of how we implement each of these aspects – from raw material to delivery of the products – is contained in our Operations and Procedures Manual and prospective customers are welcome to this document. Following is a summarised outline of how we handle a manufacturing order.

1. Customer’s order and requirements:

Once the order transaction is completed, a Contract Review takes place. Final checks on customer requirements and specifications are implemented to ensure the elimination of any risk of misunderstandings relating to quality standards, design criteria, tolerance levels, packaging requirements, quantities needed and delivery patterns.

2. Tooling and mould manufacture:

Highly qualified toolmakers using the latest equipment technology are responsible for the manufacture of well designed, high precision injection moulds. During the toolmaking process, regular liaison takes place between our design technician and the customer to ensure accurate cohesion between the drawings and the completed mould.

3. Sample Supply with I.S.I.R:

The customer is now supplied with off-tool samples together with an Initial Sample Inspection Report. Once the samples are approved by the customer, work instructions for producing the product are created. An Inspection Plan which details the critical criteria is determined in conjunction with the customer to ensure that all criteria aspects are inspected for conformance.

4. Production Process Control:

We are fully computerised in all aspects of the business and are therefore able to control and track all orders. All components are planned on our Master Production Schedule and produced when required. Throughout the manufacturing process monitoring is carried out by means of computerisation and manual patrol inspections. Criteria for consistent quality is stipulated in documentated standards, as well as customer approved samples.

5. Final inspection, C of C and packaging:

A final inspection plan is then implemented by our Quality Control Department. Where applicable a Certificate of Conformance is issued and will accompany the goods to their destination. Packaging methods are adapted to suit customer requirements and each container is clearly labelled before being taken to secure storage areas pending despatch.

6 Just-in-time delivery:

With regular deliveries taking place to all major centres in South Africa, AUTOMOULD has acquired a strong reputation for timing and reliability. Such is their level of confidence that many of our customers have developed a pattern in placing their delivery releases just three days prior to their required production date. We remain fully aware at all times of the crucial importance of this aspect of our service and great attention is given to maintaining our outstanding track record of Just-in-time deliveries.

Continuous improvement:
AUTOMOULD is totally committed to continuous improvement in all aspects of the business.

Committees have been
formed to improve
products through
the FMEA process.

Machines are consistantly inspected to ensure that they function to the specifications of the equipment.

Production processes
are evaluated
to improve the quality, consistancy, and productivity of the parts

Tooling and moulds are
constantly improved to ensure consistent quality and efficiency

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